Tiada alasan yang layak saya berikan untuk mengenepikan hakikat bahawa blog saya tak terupdate untuk beberapa lama. Jadi, untuk kembalikan kesegaran (sedikit), saya ingin berkongsi artikel di bawah untuk manfaat bersama.

Semuga bermanfaat!


Better Than Good

By Zig ziglar

1. The Habit of Reading

In 2004, the US National Endowment for the Arts published a study, “reading at Risk,” which reported that the number of Americans who read one book a year had dropped by 10 % over the last two decades. The age group to show the largest decline in reading was the eighteen to twenty four year old group, of whom 42.5 % claim to have read one novel each year. These are disheartening figures.

For the past thirty years, I have read an average of three hours daily, seeking information that will inspire, instruct and encourage me so I can then use that same information to inspire, instruct and encourage others. If an average reader (average is about 220 word per minute) will read 20 minutes everyday, he or she will read 20 two hundred pages books each year. Can you imagine the edge that would give them when it comes to effectiveness in our knowledge based society?

Parents can do few things more important for their children than to raise them in a home filled with great books – and read those books to them ! The love of reading is caught far more than it is taught. If you want your children to grow up to be readers, then they need to see you reading, going to the library, getting new books in the mail from book clubs or online retailers, and frequenting library book sales and garage sales for great interesting books.

Consider this truism; the person who does not read is no better than the person who can’t read. We consider ourselves a literate nation, but is a literate nation of nonreaders really literate? Information is exploding so fast that anyone who does not read and keep up is rapidly falling behind.

Remember: readers are leaders and leaders are readers. And both experience a “better than good” life.

2. The Habit of Redeeming the Time

The average person in America(bayangkan Malaysia juga) today spends well over an hour a day in his or her automobile communting to and from work. In some major metropolitan areas the drive time can be over two hours. Add to that the additional hours we spend in the car each week running errands, transporting kids to activities, going to church(or mosque) and other meetings – its no wonder that the gap is narrowing between what we can do at home and what we can do in our cars (or train ? J )

With CD players, cassette players , and DVD players in our cars, now there is no end to ways to redeem the drive-time hours. You can listen to inspirational music, work through a collection of audiobooks classics, even watch a motivational or instructional DVD if your’re stuck in traffic. You can learn a new language – or teach your children a new language while you drive them to school each day.

I call this enrolling in Automobile University. And besides the intellectual stimulation and advances in learning you’ll experience, there is another benefit: research shows you are four times less likely to be involved in an auto accident that causes you bodily injury if you listen to informative or inspirational material than if you talk on a cell phone.

Get smart, stay safe and motivate yourself to become a peak performer !

Cubalah aplikasi mengikut kreativiti dan cara masing2 dalam situasi kita yg berbeza, supaya masa2 kita semuanya penuh manfaat !


p/s: Artikel ini dipetik daripada petikan sahabat saya [tiada link utk saya letak kerana dia tiada blog 🙂 ]


3 Responses to “Interlude”

  1. ibadmenulis Says:

    menarik2. cdg ikhwah mengkoleksikan ceramah ustaz (atau nak selit jg perkara2 lain tambahan), dan jual dalam bentuk cd. packaging smart2 sket. lebih sesuai utk di applikasikan di malaysia kerana lebih banyak berada dalam kereta, traffic jam etc. wallahualam.

    p/s: sepatutnya kalau nak tambah teks dalam kata2 org lain, bukan kita guna square bracket ke mcm nta bgtau ana dulu. hehe. ana pun lupa dah.

  2. saya x bersalah :(” artikel tu dipetik bersama format2nya skali 🙂

    CD ceramah insyaAllah on the way 🙂

  3. Naim Faiz Says:

    salam. khabar akhi? (rasanya tahu siapa) moga rahmat selalu.

    ps: nota kaki pun dah cukup

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