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Tip #1: Memorizing Al-Quran

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Got this from my cousin’s blog.
Nice and easy way to memorize Al-Quran in just TWO (2) years!! (insyaAllah).

The only other recipe is discipline and perseverance.


Memorizing Al-Quran

Is it hard to memorize the whole Qur’an?

Let’s just do some maths:

I can show you how it is “do”able in less than 2 years!!!
There are 604 pages in the Quran(Mashaf Madani)
There are 15 lines in a page.
If you divide those 15 lines to our 5 daily prayers:
Therefore, 15/5= 3 lines.

If you can sit for a while after each daily prayer to memorize the 3 lines, and “practise”(recite) it in each of your “nawafil”/”sunnah” after each your daily prayer, therefore you have already memorized one whole page in a day!

Thus, it will take you 604 days to complete which is exactly 1 year 7 months 29 days and

So, is it hard?

وَلَقدْ يسرْنا القرْآنَ للذِّكرِ فهلْ من مدَّكرٍ

“And indeed, We have made the Qur’an easy to remember. Is there anyone who would take heed?” (al-Qamar: 17)


Wallahul musta’an.

Usaha Tangga Kejayaan

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It’s amazing what good hardwork, a pinch of preserverance and close relationships will do to your tongue.


Heart of a Muslim

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Love this song.


ZAIN BIKHA || Heart of a Muslim
Looking up at the sky, searching for Allah most High
He rejected the way of worshipping Gods of clay
Prophet Ebrahim knew that Allah was near
And that the heart of a Muslim is sincere Continue reading

Food for thought…literally.

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Terbaca dalam tadi. Pirate Somalia menggunakan kapal dagang mv Bunga Melati^ sebagai base kepada kerja-kerja rompakan mereka. mv Bunga Melati telah digunakan sebagai headquarters untuk mereka negotiate wang pampasan utk kapal-kapal yg mereka rompak.

Alasannya: pada kapal milik syarikat Malaysia itu ada makanan-makanan halal(!).

Teringat kepada sepasang couple yg berada di luar negara yg keluar berjalan-jalan bersama (baca: dating) dan very insistent on mencari makanan halal untuk dinikmati bersama. ***tepuk dahi


^Pada 19 Ogos dan awal September lalu, dua kapal dagang milik MISC, mv Bunga Melati Dua dan mv Bunga Melati Lima, telah dirampas (hijack) oleh lanun Somalia Marines di Gulf of Efen, di perairan Somalia. Rujuk