Tip #1: Memorizing Al-Quran

Got this from my cousin’s blog.
Nice and easy way to memorize Al-Quran in just TWO (2) years!! (insyaAllah).

The only other recipe is discipline and perseverance.


Memorizing Al-Quran

Is it hard to memorize the whole Qur’an?

Let’s just do some maths:

I can show you how it is “do”able in less than 2 years!!!
There are 604 pages in the Quran(Mashaf Madani)
There are 15 lines in a page.
If you divide those 15 lines to our 5 daily prayers:
Therefore, 15/5= 3 lines.

If you can sit for a while after each daily prayer to memorize the 3 lines, and “practise”(recite) it in each of your “nawafil”/”sunnah” after each your daily prayer, therefore you have already memorized one whole page in a day!

Thus, it will take you 604 days to complete which is exactly 1 year 7 months 29 days and

So, is it hard?

وَلَقدْ يسرْنا القرْآنَ للذِّكرِ فهلْ من مدَّكرٍ

“And indeed, We have made the Qur’an easy to remember. Is there anyone who would take heed?” (al-Qamar: 17)


Wallahul musta’an.


6 Responses to “Tip #1: Memorizing Al-Quran”

  1. JazakumAllahukhair may Allah add this in your scales

  2. tudia…3 lines…bnyk tu utk 1 waktu je 😦

  3. ummujaafar Says:

    put me into prayers my wish is to have the memorization of holy Qur’an as soon as possible in sha Allah

  4. Zaidah bte Sinwan Says:

    InsyaAllah if there’s a will, there’s a way, May Allah guide those who choose the right path

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  6. pls i wish to download quran into my phone

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