It has been a happy, joyful, confusing year…

a.k.a. “The Zinnirah Year”

Hari ini cukup satu tahun berlalunya hari yang penuh bersejarah dalam hidup kami berdua suami isteri. Allah mengurniakan kepada kami ‘bungkusan keriangan’ (bundle of joy) sebagai amanah. Kali pertama melihat bayi yang isteri saya pegang membuatkan saya terfikir: “boleh ke jaga nih?” Alhamdulillah. Tak sangka menjaga seorang manusia kecil begitu menyeronokkan :).

Zinnirah binti Muadz is one year old today. My wife and I hope she will grow up and live up to her name; name of a sahabahiah (woman companion of Rasulullah s.a.w.). My philosophy is that our children’s names will have stories behind it. Just like my name was; the same as one the great sahabah, Muadz bin Jabal.

Zinnirah r.ha was a slave and was one of the first to embrace Islam; and because of that she was tortured by her master. Once she was blind and the Quraisy teased her and told her the Quraisy gods, Latta and Uzza did that to her because of her ‘apostasy’. She denied and said only Allah had the power to do anything and it is Allah’s test for her. After that, Allah restored he sights. That’s the short story of Zinnirah r.ha. There is a song by UNIC about her but the story in the song is not correct.

We hope Zinnirah will become like her; to be the first to do great deeds, be proactive in dakwah, and stands up for Islam no matter what the obstacles are. Because a Muslim knows, only Allah is what matters, nothing else, not even your own two eyes.

Happy birthday, Zinnirah!

6 Responses to “It has been a happy, joyful, confusing year…”

  1. kesian zinnirah kena cium dgn muadz banyak2 kali.

  2. rusman, u notice it jugak..hehe..

  3. I noticed that too.. haha.. rakus..

  4. camne muadz bukan ana sorg je nta nak pulangkan paku buah keras ni. he he.

  5. alhamdullilah, dah besa anak enta nih, dulu kuat menangis mase daurah hehe
    salam ziarah dari Ireland:)

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